Land Cruiser HZJ 78 for Sale

With a broken heart we announce our Troopy Toyota Land Cruiser 70s series for sale after our 1.5 year Panamerican journey. Although we would love to keep it, it wouldn’t make sense from a rational perspective considering our mid-term future plans. 

Key Facts:

When: ~ End of January 2023
Where: Argentina / Uruguay /Chile or Switzerland/Germany
Price: on request
Mileage: Now 120’000 kilometers (estimated at time of sale: 140’000-150’000 kilometers).
Year: 2014 (Conversion finished in 2015)
Model: Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ 78, 4.2 liter engine (Consumption: 13-15 liter/100km or 15-18mpg)
Fuel: 2 Diesel tanks (90 + 180 Liters)
Plates / Registration: German
Conversion: High Top fiberglass Conversion from German Company Desert Tec with bed, sink, stove, closets, diesel heater, a/c while motor is running. Up until a height of about 172m you can very comfortably stand inside. If exchanging the regular wheels with steel rims, it will fit in a high cube container.

The high price is mostly due to the fact that everything is adjusted to pass the high standards of the German vehicle inspection authority TÜV (the 2014 model is the last Diesel Troopy that can be registered in Germany).

The troopy is very well taken care of. We do oil and diesel filter change every 8000-10’000km. In August 2022 we did a valve clearance adjustment, brake fluid change and brake caliper seal replacement. In June 2022 we changed time belt and fan belt. We replaced 4 of the 5 tires in August 2022 and will replace the windshield until time of sale.

We bought the car 2019 with just 38’000 kilometers fully built from the first owner who meticulously took care of it. The car was never involved an accident.



  • 2-Seats (original ones were replaced with extra comfortable ones from Scheelmann including seat heating)
  • 2 Heating units: Eberspächer engine block preheater and Eberspächer heating for living space (Diesel powered)
  • A/C while motor is running
  • Speed control
  • 4×4 with lockers, manual transmission
  • Tires: BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2 285/75 R16 on Aluminum rims
  • Stronger gear box/transmission (gasoline version – H150F) and stronger clutch than originally built in
  • Body-cavity sealing
  • Engine: 1HZ (Extremely stable and reliable, has been produced since 1990)
  • 90 liter + 180 liter Diesel tank (=270 litres in total)
  • Front and Back disk brakes
  • Tough Dog Suspension
  • Snorkel
  • 3 lashing rails on both outer sides

Other Technical equipment:

  • Solar panel 100 Watt
  • Battery Management System IBS
  • Transformer for outside electricity 110 Volt to 220 Volt (important for North and Central America)
  • 2 Batteries (Starter Battery: Optima Yellow Top, new in August 2022, Living Space Battery: Lithium 150ah, new in November 2021)
  • Victron Battery Charger 220 Volt 30ah
  • Built in Android-based Atoto navigation device with Bluetooth, connected to sound system: Our tool for sound and navigation
  • Atoto dashcam connected to the navigation device
  • Digital Amplifier and three-sectional Gladen speakers
  • Radio (works with European frequencies, not with American ones)
  • Power outlets: 2 USB + 2 12V Cigarette lighter outlets in the front, 4 USB + 1 12V Cigarette lighter outlet in the back. Additionally, 1 inverter and normal outlet (2 poles German style, might need an adapter for non-German devices)
  • Magnetic alarm system (goes off when door opens while alarm is activated, nothing fancy). The driver and passenger seat window + back window have anti-break-in film
  • Triple Gas alarm
  • Fire Alarm
  • 3 additional gauges for RPM, engine oil temperature, engine oil pressure
  • Trailer Hitch
  • Extra spotlights from Hella

Recovery Gear:

  • Winch (WARN Evo 12’000lb. nylon rope, newly installed in August 2022)
  • 2 sand boards mounted to the sides, can be folded down to be used as tables or taken off to be used as shower floor or shifted in front of door as extra security
  • 8m synthetic dynamic towing rope
  • 3 soft shekel and 1 steel shekel 8 ton
  • 1x8m and 1x9m strap
  • 6 ton, 20 meters extension steel cable for winch, installed on sand boards
  • Shovel mounted on outside aluminum mount


  • Mexican Propane bottle (2.2 Liters) mounted outdoors. Cooking everyday 2x (hot water in the morning plus dinner) it lasts us about a month. Never had issues filling it in the Americas.
  • Fridge: Compressor Engel fridge, electric, 35 liters
  • 2 Pan Stove: Integrated, but can optionally be lifted out of its place and taken outside for cooking

Living space, bed and toilet:

  • 2 × 50 Liter Water Tanks (outdoors, under the car, insulated)
  • 2 Benches
  • Trapdoor of kitchen closet works as table as well
  • Portable Toilet
  • Outdoor shower
  • 1 roof window, 5 small side windows (Gebo). All equipped with shade/blind vs. mosquito net option. Click-on curtains available.
  • Double Bed: Pull-out style (1.25m x 2.05m). Additional bed could be created out of the bench through additional wooden board and cushion (board currently located in Germany)
  • Spacious self-built central console in the front with USB outlets

Tools /Parts:

  • Snow chains (new)
  • Air Compressor with hose
  • Tire repair kit
  • Lot of tools (Socket Wrench Set, Ratchet set, multimeter, LED working light, pliers, screw drivers and much more)
  • Wooden saw and steel saw
  • Axe and Machete
  • Under each seat a fire extinguisher
  • Lifting Jack
  • Spare parts

Other equipment – We leave all our camping gear with the car if desired, among others that includes:

  • Big trash bag on spare tire
  • 2 space-saving Camping Chairs (1 Front Runner and 1 Normani)
  • Space-saving camping table 120×68.5cm
  • Pan, Pot, Kitchen Ware, Tupper Ware (small ones and big ones for dry food storage), 2 big thermos flasks
  • Blanket and 2 pillows, extra blanket
  • Tent and 2 warm sleeping bags, 2 single air mattresses
  • Self-made awning with poles
  • …and much more

Known weaknesses:

  • Front suspension shock absorbers need replacement at some point
  • Minor signs of use (a few scratches on the car, a hole in one cushion cover of a bench, hole in one of the mosquito nets…)
  • Underbody sealing should be renewed at some point

We understand that its easy to transfer ownership to other German residents but more complicated to residents of other countries. We happily sell to anyone else as well but might need to do it via Poder or other workarounds.

If interested or for questions, please contact us (Anouk and Raphael) via Whatsapp number: +41 76 480 90 47 (preferred) or alternatively on

Pictures from outside:
Pictures from inside:
Pictures in the front:
Video from outside and inside: